Our Approach

The Penn Virginia Way

With the rise of unconventional natural gas and oil production, one topic garnering significant media attention and increased scrutiny by the environmental community is the industry-wide practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.  Fracking involves the injection of water, sand and chemicals under pressure into prospective rock formations to stimulate oil and natural gas production.

This technique has been safely used in the United States by the oil and gas industry for over sixty years in over a million wells. In fact, according to the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), fracking has been used to complete over 90% of the oil and gas wells drilled in the United States. We use this completion technique on substantially all of our wells.

We believe the environmental risk associated with fracking is very low, yet it is important for us to effectively manage this risk. To that end, we have implemented a stringent environmental program that helps us achieve our commitment to safe and responsible resource development.

We strive to design, drill, complete, produce and plug our wells in ways that minimize adverse effects on the environment. Throughout our operations we uphold and preserve the vision and company culture that is Penn Virginia.

As a critical element in our operations and strategy, we engage in hydraulic fracturing in environmentally responsible ways to protect the environment, our landowners, our employees and the communities in which our employees and their families reside and work.

This is the right thing to do and it is the Penn Virginia way.